The responsable way to dispose of your gum!

(no that's not bubblegum, it's clay but we just proved our point)

150 Trillion gum chewed every eyear

Annual gum celan-up cost in the US $ 52M

Gum removal in medical facilities and airplanes can cost up to $1,700/gum

A revolutionary solution to chewing gum disposal

The GumVelope is a unique, sturdy, leak-proof mini envelope for the sanitary and environmentally friendly disposal of used chewing gum; working with our R&D team and two research scientists, we have developed an organic substance that is placed inside the GumVelopes in order to naturally break down the molecular composition of most gums. In 2017, the company added a line of wall-mounted dispensers in order to make a larger quantity of GumVelopes accessible in high traffic areas.

About our product

The GumVelope® is currently offered in restaurants such as Applebee’s and Popeye’s, and has been purchased for personal use by celebrities such as Richard Branson. BBC1 recently featured the GumVelope® as a solution to chewing gum clogged sidewalks on its Room 101 series.

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